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Innovations start with ‘What if?’
Sandboxes are a safe place to play.
One must ask out-of-the-box questions to achieve out-of-the-box thinking.

About the Retreat:

The information age has enabled many disruptive innovations that have improved our comfort, convenience, and quality of life. Yet these technologies have also disrupted our societal norms, giving rise to new risks, uncertainties, and the fear of being left behind. Every sector – whether healthcare, energy, agriculture, retail, hospitality – are struggling to integrate the new realities of blockchain, IoT, 5G, drones, 3D-printing, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. Every person – whether CEO, mid-level manager, or current student – is struggling to stay relevant and bring state-of-the-art knowledge back to their organizations.

Grounded in the values of innovation, authenticity, and paying-it-forward, the retreat is a weekend where sector leaders can use the power of inquiry and curiosity to discover that the solution to one’s problems may already exist in someone else’s sector. No question too big, no quandary too small, the weekend is a place for people to find common ground through asking the right questions in order to drive to mutual answers.


Innovation retreats give participants a chance to make connections with like-minded individuals across industries, sectors, and generations to apply their skills in making the world a better place. Attendees include students and alums of his program, professors and practitioners from across the USA, and serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders across the variety of industries the attendees call their professional home.

The programs are built around leadership, community development and innovation. Typical guests and keynotes may be in biotech, government, social media, water, infrastructure, energy, food security, artists, and other sectors. Attendees walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration to apply state-of-the-art technologies to solve real-world problems. 

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