The Book of Energy Leadership Frameworks

By Jimmy Y. Jia

Available on  Amazon

Available on Amazon

Leadership is a craft and frameworks are its tools. This book is a toolkit for leaders who are adapting to tomorrow’s energy challenges. Companies no longer view energy as a simple bill. Leading organizations create energy strategies that support long-term goals, leading to higher resource efficiency, lower carbon footprint and improved competitive advantage. Yet energy can seem complex, difficult, or impossible to manage. The frameworks in this book are the culmination of many years of teaching MBA students how to manage energy wisely.

In easy-to-follow steps, it explains the basic concepts of each framework followed by examples and scenarios to help the leader adapt them for their own situations. Leaders can quickly understand underlying constraints, tradeoffs, and priorities of the decisions they are being asked to make. The book features techniques and concepts that are applicable across an organization. 

Part 1 explains fundamental concepts for energy, financial and carbon literacy as well as an overview of system dynamics. Part 2 addresses business approaches for leadership, strategy, process, and communication. This gives leaders a centralized toolkit of analytical, implementation, and strategy tools all in one reference book. These frameworks are ideal for an entrepreneur disrupting an industry or an intrapraneur being a change-agent.

Driven by Demand: How Energy Gets its Power

By Jimmy Y. Jia and Jason Crabtree

A unique perspective on energy's astoundingly central role in today's society, Driven by Demand explores how energy systems and services evolved to meet changing energy requirements of consumers and industry.

A must-read book for anyone interested in how energy works, why our infrastructure exists in its current form, and important considerations for making economically and environmentally sound decisions for the future.

"This is a brilliant, wide-ranging book about energy that explains in clear and compelling terms 'how we got here', the critical challenges facing our planet's citizens, and what to do about them. It should be on the top of the stack for policymakers involved in energy, defense, or infrastructure issues."
    - David E. Johnson, RAND Corporation

"At last, a well-written, easy to understand book that tells us what is really going on with our energy systems. This book provides a deep but accessible understanding that leads to good decisions. Revealed are the levers for better energy policy and the business opportunities waiting to be seized."
    - Gifford Pinchot III, co-founder of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (now Pinchot University)

Read Chapter 14: Energy as a Service online today!

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Class Lectures

Over 30 lectures from my various energy, climate and strategy classes have been open-sourced and available on GitHub. They are licensed CC-BY 4.0. Suggested attribution: Jia, Jimmy., (2019) Master Lecture Slides.


Companies That Don't Manage Utilities Strategically are Throwing Money Away, an Harvard Business Review article that discusses the importance of appointing a Chief Utility Officer to strategically manage resource consumption.

Innovation in Taxes: using carbon pricing to grow economic value, an article written for the Cleantech Alliance, providing commentary for the WA carbon tax initiative.

Energy and Strategy - Master Lecture Notes, a Github repository of over 30 lectures developed from my energy and strategy courses. Provided as an open source resource.

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Energy Explained: Your guide to understanding Energy

The U.S. Energy Information Administration publishes Energy Explained, a great primer on the sector. Explore national trends or dive deep into issues of your state.

International Energy Agency

The International Energy Agency publishes over 70 free reports a year on major global energy issues. This valuable resource looks at drivers and changes needed to improve resource allocation in the future.

MIT Energy Initiative

MIT's "The Future of..." series is an interdisciplinary reports on how energy resources will be shaped by a carbon-constrained world.  The reports cover in-depth topics and makes technology, policy and economic recommendations.