De-carbonizing is a form of change management that needs to evolve at the pace of the organization.

He developed the Energy Strategy Maturity Curve™ to describe the pathway leading companies are approaching the decarbonization of their energy footprint. Organizations frequently have a myriad of uncoordinated grassroots sustainable initiatives and often unwieldy board-level reports for environmental governance. His workshops and advisory services align these multitude of efforts into a single vision, sets leading and lagging indicators to track progress, and builds organizational capacity through training and educational programs.


Service Areas

  1. Assessments and Analysis – Find out how your company scores on the Energy Strategy Maturity Curve™ and find out how to improve it.

  2. Strategic Services – Align your organization’s energy strategy from board-level governance to operational initiatives.

  3. Initiate Innovation – Explore new ideas for low-impact products and services that will delight your customers.

  4. Workshops and Training –A highly sought-after education, facilitator, and speaker, he can customize a curriculum on energy, climate and corporate strategy to your needs.

  5. General Best Practice – With several books and articles published, he can bring over 10 years of experience to enhance your internal teams.


  • Single-Day – Best for strategic planning meetings, goal setting or context-setting meetings where Jimmy leads or conducts a facilitated meeting.

  • Single Topic – Such as GAP or an Energy Strategy Maturity Curve™ analysis, these last a few months and usually result in a report with recommended actions.

  • Strategy Consulting – Projects with well-defined scopes and time duration, he is able to involve additional resources from his broad network.

  • Ongoing Advisory – Retainer-based engagement, these can be regular meetings with executives to review initiatives and strategic plans or deep dives into specific topic areas.